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Payment gateway & FTP done
June 04th, 2014

New payment gateway has been working, FTP server was added.

Testing mode
May 22th, 2014

We're testing new system and new payment gateway, this time may happen some problem. All will be fine in the end week.

Come Back!
May 05th, 2014

Dear all valued Customer’s,
As we have known, Ryushare are facing with legal terms with Vietnam government. Those problems has been published by Vietnamese newspapers and communication organizations. But all of them are unofficial information from us. Hence, we would like to confirm you the official information as below:
Vietnamese uploaders has uploaded to Ryushare’s servers adult video content which is illegal in Vietnam for months ago. Ryushare is Vietnamese Inc and our services is only providing storage services and all download activities are forbidden in Vietnam territories. However, in case of some Vietnamese uploaders were arrested by police for propagating depraved culture allegations, we also were involved in those problems. We have discussed with lawyers and everything seem to be positive for us. In that investigation process, our servers were sealed by authorities for their purpose, because of Vietnamese police’s unprofessional investigation activities, data has been lost unluckily.
Currently, we are finished the transferring process so as to move whole Ryushare Inc out of Vietnam to make sure that similar situations must be avoided.
To Uploader’s
All files on server has been deleted and they must be uploaded from the beginning
All previous earning transactions will be delay. We will paid old payout request after 3-6 months.
With our best efforts, we will try to do everything for saving Ryushare and partner’s benefits. We hope that with Ryushare’s brand name and client’s trust on us, we can continue to co-operate in the future so as to gain more success together.
Best regards,

November 26th, 2012

Tomorrow we will stop server 3 hours for Maintenance.
Time: 11-27-2012 01:00 GMT + 00:00
We are apologize about this inconvenience.

Payment delay
November 21th, 2012

Dear Affiliate,
All payment will be delay untill 12-18-2012.

Paypal Account limited
June 22th, 2012

Hello everyone,
Today our paypal was limited.
We will inform you another news soon.

Maintance file server
June 10th, 2012

Today we have issue slow download on Server X32 and Server X81.
Those servers will be maintanced and back to online early.
We are apologize about this issue.